Who is Yohan?

John “Yohan” Morgan, the initial visionary of the village’ is dedicated to being a Founder and Villager. Yohan has a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning, has worked as a City Planner, is a licensed General Contractor and for 25 years has been a project manager of affordable housing developments in Sonoma County, California. Serving in a respected major non-profit housing development company he has coordinating creation of over 10 developments, including neighborhoods of up to 129 units, managing development budgets of up to $31,000,000. He has managed these developments from conception and design, through land-use approvals, financing, construction, and occupancy. He has been yearning for the Village (with growing clarity)  for 40 years. (For more see Yohan’s video post on the blog)

Yohan will part of a paid expert team to found, permit, finance, design, and build the Village, but as a Founder, not as a for-profit developer. His goal is to be “rich”, but not as a millionaire, but by sharing in the rich life the Village promises. And so  he and the development team will serve not a Developer, but the goals of the Village Founders–the 200 founding households.


The Village Team will include: Project Manager, Village Designer, Financial Officer, Enrollment Manager, and Village Heart Holder. They will utilize experts including: Architect, Landscape Architect, Civil Engineer, Geotech Engineer, Permaculture Expert, Structural Engineer, Constructed Wetlands Experts, Renewable Energy System Designers, among others. And in construction the Village Team will add a Construction Project Manager, and contract with site work contractors, building construction contractor(s), etc.)–all dedicated to the agreed goals of all the Founders.


The Team will be chosen and operate so as to be worthy of the Settlers’ trust to lead in the many areas of detailed settlement design and construction which are most efficiently theirs.


The border between the agreed purview of the village design & construction Team and the purview of the Founders will be repeated and respected (and as needed adjusted) for the good of the Settlers, the team, and the village. The budgets, expenditures and monthly updates to the Founders (and the world) will be “open-book”.