Social Vision:

Decision-making and dispute resolution (the two destroyers of so many visionary communities) will be handled by conventions, covenants, and procedures (will be developed for the village taking advantage of the accumulated wisdom from the past generations of visionary settlements, aiming for the best balance of inclusionary democracy and efficient meritocracy together with radical transparency and robust procedures for personnel corrections/changes when needed. It will likely follow traditional village power structures with a village counsel of 5 villagers as decision makers elected annually. And pedestrian scale of the village fosters community communication and so alert democracy.

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Physical Vision

The buildings in the Village will be constructed of long-lasting, ecologically sustainable, fireproof, seismically capable and low cost materials (they do exist!). Agreed upon design standards will insure that the Village will be beautiful, functional, and comfortable. Residents will be allowed an unusual amount of freedom in the use of their buildings.

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Financial Vision

The unique physical and social design of the Village will allow it to be amazingly affordable both initially and as it ages.

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Political Feasibility: Though the Earthen Village is a new and fairly large undertaking, there is reason to believe that it may be permitted by land-use decision makers here in Sonoma County, California or nearby. For example, in Mendocino County there was recently considerable political support for a similar project but 10-20 times larger—see   Sonoma Mountain Village in Sonoma County is another example of an unprecedented settlement design. SMV (with 2000 housing units, etc.) has already received its land use approvals. Many past conventional developments in the North Bay have had 100-200 units.

And the rapidly growing awareness of the crisis need to create more sustainable housing and more secure, and connected communities in an era of worrisome change, further enhanced by the likely global-warming induced drought, is helpful to gaining these approvals. Professionally-prepared conceptual drawings and other details of the plan will be required for public presentations and the Village Team’s tasks will include creating them.